When the time came to find an internship for the graduation phase of my education, I wished to do
something different. Then I heard about MentorProgramma Friesland and I decided to send them my
letter of application. I decided to do this because I am also hoping to become a teacher after this course
and this seemed like a place where I could get some experience in that field.

The idea for this research came during my application interview. The idea was to perform an impact
measurement of the SESAME project, because of all the current events happening in the SESAME
project. All the partners were backing the research and this research could contribute to the end
evaluation of the project. I was very enthusiastic about the topic, and because of this enthusiasm, the
topic of the thesis was soon agreed upon. I was so enthusiastic because first of all I didn’t have any
knowledge about the topic and I could gain this knowledge. So, there was a curiosity towards the topic
and the goals the SESAME project was working towards. Furthermore, there was also the international
aspect that really appealed to me. The opportunity to talk to people from multiple countries and to
see what they are doing with the project. To talk to them (mostly through Skype) has been very
valuable. But also the other international events took place, have been very interesting experiences
(when students from the UK came over in March or talking to the American guests during the Short
Course event in May).

I would like to thank Szilvia Simon for giving me the opportunity to be an intern at MentorProgramma
Friesland and for the valuable feedback that was given for the different products. I would also like to
thank the teachersfrom the school who are involved: first of all Maarten Hoekstra, the main supervisor
from school, for the valuable feedback and conversations during the period. Second is Petra Esser for
the guidance towards this period and also the second assessor Bart-Jan Heine for reading the products.
I would also like to thank the other interns at the Kanselarij for providing inspiration when I needed it
and for thinking along with me when I asked them to. I would also like to thank the SESAME partners
for their time and valuable views on the impact of SESAME that were presented during the interviews.
More information about them can be found in appendix two, the respondent list. Last but certainly
not least I would also like to thank my family: my parents, brother and sisters for always believing in
me and encouraging me during this period.
I hope you enjoy reading this report,
Hanneke van der Velde
Leeuwarden, June 2017

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